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Basic Life Support

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Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support services are available to individuals in need of careful medical attention while on travel. Precise EMS provides 24/7 emergency transport for hospital to hospital transfer, care home facilities, or home to hospital transport needs.
Our ambulances are geared with the necessary equipment and technologies to cater for needs of the patient while on board. Along with these are trained and professional transfer technicians and nurses to facilitate patient safety with careful monitoring of vital signs, IV treatments and Oxygen Therapy.


Our skilled paramedic teams are called by county dispatchers based upon an established criteria when a serious or life threatening emergency is reported.  Advanced education and training in emergency care has empowered, our MICU paramedics to be able to help assess and stabilize patient’s condition while administering advanced pre-hospital care on scene or en route to the hospital.
Connected by electronic means to physicians in the hospital emergency department, our MICU provides highly qualified and compassionate advanced life support to accident and trauma victims and seriously ill patients.

Inter-Facility Transfer

Inter-facility transfer services is a pre-scheduled basic life support and advanced life support ambulance transportation of patients between hospitals and other healthcare facilities. To schedule pickup appointment click here  

Other Services


To request interfacility ambulance transportation, contact us on 281-936-7941 or call our Dispatch || 346-775-0380.